Proudly Representing New Brunswick’s Wild Blueberry Producers

Wild blueberry and brain health. Twice as many antioxidants, thirty-three percent more deep purply blue anthocyanin

Why Wild?

Not all blueberries are equal. Wild blueberries are a superfruit for a reason!

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Explore New Brunswick’s Wild Blueberry Fields

New Brunswick Deliciously Canadian presents Chef Dennis Prescott on his latest adventure: New Brunswick’s wild blueberry fields. Join Dennis as he tells the story of New Brunswick’s wild blueberries and learn more about this delicious super fruit.

Wild Blueberry Season

Beginning in early August and running until mid-September, wild blueberry season is an exciting time. From picking and purchasing fresh, wild blueberries, to restaurant week promotions, and much more. Plan your visit to a local farm, roadside stand or participating restaurant.

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