Research Policy

BNBB – Research Policy

Adopted May 16th 2018
BNBB Research Policy English, ADOPTED-5-15-18 [PDF]

A. Purpose

The BNBB Research policy’s goal is to provide clear guidance to Bleuets NB Blueberries (BNBB) representatives as individuals and also to organizations endeavouring to receive support from BNBB.

B. Mandate

B.1 BNBB Research Committee
The Research Committee is composed of five (5) NB wild blueberry producers. At least one of them shall be a BNBB board member.

The BNBB Research Committee as a power of recommendation.

The Committee has the following mandate:

  • Recommend research priorities periodically
  • Communicate those priorities to stakeholders annually
  • Communicate a call of interest as a call for proposals
  • Develop a scoring sheet
  • Analyze research projects
  • Formulate recommendations
  • Monitor progress on research projects supported
  • Propose any change in the Research Policy
  • Produce an annual report review of the research projects supported

B.2 BNBB Board of directors

  • Review and decide on all recommendations made by the Research Committee.

B.3 BNBB Executive Director

  • Execute decisions from de Board.
  • Provide support to the Research Committee

C. Nature of support

BNBB can provide the following support:

  • Act as applicant for funding
  • Letter of support
  • Provide guidance in search of other funding
  • Grant direct financial support
  • Provide administrative support
  • Facilitate access and participation of producers in the conduct of a research project
  • Give access to BNBB communication platforms

D. Application Process

D.1 Eligibility

  • Individual, non profit organization or for profit organization.
  • Results must apply and benefit directly NB Wild blueberry producers.

D.2 Criteria

D.2.1 Mandatory Criteria
Project must be presented in writing and include and define the followings:

  • Abstract
  • Problem/Opportunity
  • Objectives
  • Preliminary literature review
  • Methodology
  • Collaboration needed from producers
  • Project management
  • Resources involved
  • Challenges
  • Timeline including periodic reporting to BNBB Research Committee and producers
  • Projected outcome(s)
  • Budget including other sources of funding expected
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Define measurable potential outcomes for producers
  • Resume for of the senior human resources involved
  • Cohesion with Research priorities communicated by BNBB

D.2.2 Non Mandatory but valued

  • Collaboration/cooperation
  • Use of local (NB) resources to conduct the research
  • Projected tangible outcomes in less than (5) years
  • Outline the implementation phase of projected outcomes for the producers

E. Confidentiality and Property

  • All findings must be available to producers at no charge
  • BNBB has no commercial right on the findings

F. Funds allocation and payment

  • BNBB may decide May not give for a period of over 12 months
  • Payment schedule is define individually
  • Period reporting is mandatory in order to validate the merit of pursuing (Stage gate Approach)
  • All applications and reports shall be provided to BNBB in both official languages.

G. Timeline

  • Can apply all year
  • Multi applications allowed

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